Christmas Eve/beginning of Christmas morning

The only opportunity I have time to write is late at night, tonight it’s 12:30 that I’m sitting down to right in this new found “journal”.

It’s been quite a hectic day this Christmas Eve, posted off my Christmas cards which will definitely be late, and also bought my sons Santa present. I don’t exactly have my license so I am grateful that the shopping centre is only a 15 minute walk away. After doing everything I needed to do at the mall, my parter took us out to dinner for all you can eat, that worked out great because I was starving. I think the only thing that had gone into my belly was a glass of milk and a coffee.

Here comes the fun part, I was going to run back into the mall to see if JB Hi-Fi was open because my partner wanted to check the price of a xbox one game. I was standing in the middle of the automatic door and was talking to him while he was in the car and then I went to talk into the mall and boom! my nose went right into the automatic, glass door which had almost fully closed even though I was standing in it. I honestly thought I had broken my nose. I just thought “screw this, I’m going back in the car”. It hurt so damn badly. He ended up going into the mall, his store was closed too. My nose bled a tiny bit and was so sore. I felt so dizzy. It’s still a little swollen now, but only hurts when I touch it. And there’s a red mark right where I walked into the door.
I am so glad there was no one else around to witness it because that would have been so embarrassing.
Let’s hope it doesn’t bruise too badly, and let’s hope makeup covers whatever bruising I get.

I wrapped up the last of the gifts and got us ready for bed and nice and clean for tomorrow. Now I’m laying here, like every other night, in between my two loves.

It’s already past midnight here and on the Google Santa Tracker, Santa has already stopped at Melbourne.

I cannot wait for the morning to see my little Kobe’s face when he opens up all his presents. Christmas is definitely more exciting as a parent than as a child.

I’m actually a little tired a bit earlier than normal tonight. Guess I better head off to sleep soon so we can wake up nice and early.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a safe holiday season to you all!

Beka. X


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